Resources to create a FB messenger bot

This month I have started a new adventure: A messenger bot creation. And from the tons of resources, there are few post, tools, and engines that I want to highlight for now.

The beginning

The API itself is provided by FB and can be found in But there are some tutorials out there with a better explanation of how the platform works and examples of the implementation, I like “DEVELOPING A CHATBOT FOR FACEBOOK MESSENGER WITH WIT.AI, NODE.JS GOOGLE APP ENGINE” and “How to deploy a Facebook bot“.

Source code

One of my favorites open source projects for messenger bot is BART Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger, which is a great example of the capabilities of a messenger bot. However, FB has a sample project with all basics as well and can be downloaded from “Messenger Platform Sample” in Github.


I’m working with Node.js for the backend of the bot but there are other things linked to it like:

  • DB powered by MongoDB.
  • messenger-bot a messenger client available in NPM.
  • a bot engine to improve the human interaction of the robot in a natural language.
  • ngrok: A secure tunnel for your localhost. Indispensable when you want to test the bot from your local.


Before any line of code, it is better to have a design and for that nothing better that a piece of paper, I’m serious. However, any online solution is great if you want some kind of assistance designing your idea. An example is but again there are hundreds of this kind of tool out there.

I’ll keep looking forward to more option and the list will be updated.

Stocard: How to save all your loyalty cards in your pocket

Why Am I posting something like this?
Easy, because this was one idea that I thought to create an app and someone else did it before.


This is a great app to save all your loyalty cards (CVS, Starbucks, etc) in one place and don’t carry with them all the time. Simply read the barcode with your phone to save a copy of your card and when you need it again just show the stored card.

*Easy to use.
*They have a database of cards of different countries but if the card is not included, you can add manually any other card as well.
*Depends on the quality of your screen. But practically any current screen’s phone has a good resolution and brightness.
*Some places need to swipe the physical card. However, they should have a manual option to introduce the numbers on the card.

In summary, it’s one of those apps that you need in your toolset smartphone.

Available for iOS and Android
Stocard website

Images from: Stocard – Press

Starting with a brand new post

I am a young adult that grew up in Mexico “learning” Spanish as primary language and now is working in US as a software developer. That’s why I created this instance of my personal blog where I’ll post articles in English only. That will be part of my plan to improve my bilingual skills, increase my vocabulary and also share my knowledge to different people that my native language didn’t allow me.

I am not trying to write my first articles with a perfect English grammar, but nothing can be possible if the first step is not made. For that reason, one of my first goals is to update periodically my posted articles using as little as possible my phone’s predictive keyboard or other tools to autocomplete my writing.

In summary that’s the meaning of this blog.